Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Story Thus Far

About two months ago, your intrepid blogger saw the notices advertising Sock Madness III and signed up immediately, vying for a spot amongst 199 other hopefuls. This was her first competitive sock knitting experience and she had no idea if she would make the cut. So she waited. And waited. And on that fine day when the competitors were listed she found her name in the Great Knitspectations division and wondered how she may fare against the other, more experienced, sock knitter she would face.

Round 1: A general culling from 200 down to 160. After this round cuts will be made evenly across the divisions.
Pattern: Tropical Mertini by Ronni Smith
Started March 19
Completed March 22
Yarn: Araucnia Ranco

Our competitor was surprised and delighted to finish within the top 10 of her division. Perhaps she was faster than she had thought. She had made it through to Round 2 and if this was as far as she made it she could proudly say she hadn't been cut in the first round.

Round 2: Only the first 20 knitters in each division will make the cut
Pattern: Tokena by Tricia Weatherston
Started April 4
Completed April 7
Yarn: Shibui Knits Sock

The pressure was truly on in this round. With her limited Stranded Knitting skills and the countdown to Pesach upon her, she bravely knit on and finished 5 in her division. Although she had sailed through to Round 3 she worried that it would start without her and she would be out due to inability to knit through the religious holiday.

Fortuitously the competition seemed to grind to halt during the holiday with Round 3 announced to begin almost a week after the end of Passover.

Round 3: Only the top 12 in each division will make it through
Pattern: Talia's Wings by Heatherly Walker
Started April 20
Completed April 23
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy

This toe-up sock seemed simple enough but felt like it took a lot of time. The foot of Sock 1 was completed the first night, the foot of Sock 2 on the second. The legs were worked night 3 until, with only 14 rows and the ribbing on Sock 2 to go, bleary eyed and pained of back, her body screamed "enough". Our blogger passed out for the night. Not prepared to be beaten, she rose with the sun (or the alarm if you will) at 6:15 this morning and just over two hours later was sending in my pics and specs of the completed pair. When she had gone to sleep only 3 people in her division had finished. Though the sleep nourished her aching, exhausted body, it robbed her of position and she finished the round in the number 7 position. Oh, and she walked around work like a Zombie. Even with the caffeine injections.

Still, this means I've made it through to Round 4. As I speculate on what the pattern will be and when it will be released, I resign myself to sleepless nights as well. I am determined to make it through another round. Are you with me?


JavaTwist said...

Competitive sock knitting? I didn't even know that existed!

Friar Frack said...

Amazing!! Instead of yarn, you should win a trip to a day spa. Just one suggestion, you should play this in the background when you are knitting in this final round:

Just a suggestion.

Friar Frack

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on knitting your way to Round 4!! As one with serious Second Sock Syndrome, I'd still be plodding along on the first task. :) You're doing great!!! Keep knitting!! sammmmm

lunaticraft said...

Congrats! That is simply amazing. All the socks are beautiful! Good luck in round 4!