Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Extremely Important Update!

I did it! I finished! Number 5 in my division! I'm actually making it through to Round 3.

Tokena by Tricia Weatherston
Finished Tuesday April 7 (10:37 pm)
Yarn: Shibui Kiwi and Midnight
Needles: KP fixed 2.75 mm for stranded work, 2.5mm for cuff, heels and toe

Forgive the bad photography but that's what happens so late at night.

Now as long as the next pattern isn't released until AFTER Pesach, I have a fighting chance...


Cathy goldman said...

A good Pesach to you and yours.....cg

Frenzy23 said...

Those look great! The color pattern looks incredibly intricate...that must have taken awhile.

lunaticraft said...

Congrats! =D Those look awesome.

Friar Frack said...

Nice. I think you should send a pair to Frank Gorshin's family!

Mazel tov on the new sockies!

Friar Frack