Friday, March 20, 2009

Fierce Competition

Sock Madness III. 200 participants. 4 groups. 10 from each group will be cut at the end of round 1. At leas two people have finished their socks from a pattern that was released yesterday morning. 1 hour until Shabbos. 26 hours before I return. Is there any hope I'll make through the first round?

The Pattern: Tropical Mertini by Ronni Smith
(I call them Am I Blue on my Rav project page.)

Directions must be followed to the letter. The only changes allowed: Choice of yarn and needle size. Finished sock must be a minimum of US 7.

Since I am a size 10 with a widish foot, I am using a 2.75 mm needle. Looks like the extra width gives me also the extra length necessary and I have made NO changes to the pattern!

The Cast: Twisted German CO. Fortunately, my CO of choice.

The pattern: Since it's Round 1 the pattern is a combination of knits and purls. The chart is 32 sts wide, so it is repeated twice for the leg, once for the foot with basic stockinette in the sole.

The heel: Afterthought with an "Eye of Fauxtridge" Heel Flap.

My first Afterthought heel and it went just fine! These detailed photos supplied by the designer made it a breeze. I'm going to use this again, especially with multi-colorways. What a great way to stop that pooling that occurs with gusset decreases!

And I've already started the toe decreases. I should definitely get this toe finished tomorrow night and will immediately cast on for Sock 2. I'll do both heels last.

Will I make up for lost time and stay in the competition? Stay tuned...


lunaticraft said...

Wow, that is some fast, and impressive sock knitting. Good luck! =D

Friar Frack said...

Doesn't it get cold with the opening by the toes and at the heel? You can probably get a patch for that.

Just a suggestion.

Friar Frack