Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Monogamy Boring?

I've made a sort of deal with myself. One project at a time, until it's finished. Until I've worked through my WiPs. Or the WiPs of my choice. And one project has been loosely defined as One project of my choice and One project for work, coffee, road trips, etc. At least until I've finished the Cheerleader's Endpaper Mitts. Which I haven't cast on for the second mitt yet.

What this means is there isn't much to show you.

The current WiP of choice are the Druid Mittens. Here we are almost half way up.

I've already placed the thumb stitches to the side and am making my way up the hand.

But they are not the kind of free and easy project I need for "social knitting". No, that would be Rosamund. The socks I'm making for Blue Fingers, bless her small, little feet. The project I haven't even added to Ravelry yet.

I can't give you too much more now or I'll have nothing to write about the rest of the week. Rest assured, details will be forthcoming. And as soon as the Druid Mittens are finished it really is back to the Endpaper Mitts.

If my dear, non-knitting friends have learned anything about the gift knitting process it should be that hand made gifts are two pronged. Savor the knowledge that you are receiving something from my needles. Perhaps you will savor it a good, long time. But after you have waited and wondered, "will it ever really be made," just when you have, perhaps given up, that's about the time your gift will be ready. And hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

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Lupie said...

Both the mittens and the socks are looking great. The colors are just beautiful.
I was a one prject at a time girl and the I went to the dark side. Now there are unfinished projects all over the place!