Friday, January 16, 2009

Color Perfectionist?

So you want to know how the color is coming along with Charlotte's Web. As I stated previously, I decided not to go with the Count Cluckula. Back to Blue Moon I charged, flipping back and forth between their site and Ravelry to get a truer color picture.

I settled on Moody Blues for color 4... be followed perhaps by Thraven.

However, two days later I found out about new colorways Tina had posted and returned, post haste, to check them out. Perhaps, I thought, Never on a Sunday will be a better match. Of course since it is new there were know Ravelry pics for comparison but I took my chances anyway. And, I thought, perhaps the Thraven is a bit too dark? And so I decided Spinel might work for color 5 (it seems to be in both Moody Blues and Never on a Sunday. So until those arrive, Charlotte's Web is still on hiatus. (For those of you who asked questions about the Web, I'll talk more about it next week, promise!)

All this started me thinking. Am I color perfectionist? Because, you see, there is another project I've been aching to start on but I just can't get the right color. Hanami has been in my queue for ages and ages. But I have failed to find the right yarn.

First there was the Lace-a-licious in Oklahoma by J. Knits. Lovely, but much brighter than I expected.

The there was the Malabrigo lace in Applewood. Much browner than I expected.

Followed by Hedgehog Fibers Silk Lace in Archetypal Innocence, more variegated than I expected (and more lavender,)

And finally Hand Maiden Sea Silk 150 in Rose, a fingering weight and perhaps too heavy.

So I still don't know what I'll use. Sundara's got Blossom on offer in the Year of Color: January. Hmmm.

For the moment, though I sure have much more pink lace weight yarn than I ever expected!


carla said...

I love putting colors together in unexpected ways and really agonize about them. That is why I am always happy with one of this and one of that. Which brings me to the fact that MY PRIZE ARRIVED TODAY!

Thank you. I think I am going to use it to make the felted slippers I've been wanting to make for eons but hadn't gotten around to getting yarn for because I am too busy collection just the right colors to put together to make something I haven't decided upon yet.

Shabbot shalom

Elaine said...

Glad I didn't get turned off by the snow and came to work today since my Mille Colori was awaiting me. Such pretty colors - have to think of what to do with it but it really did brighten a very gloomy day.

Fran said...

What gorgeous colours! I can't wait to see how it turns out.