Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Help Me Celebrate

January 5, 2009 marks my two year blogiversay. Come help me celebrate with a comments contest! Need a bit of incentive? I'm giving away three yarny prizes! 2 hanks of Cascade 220, 2 hanks of Lang Mille Colori and 1 hank of Araucania Ranco Solid (pictures to be posted Monday morning). All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you like about the blog and what you'd like to see. You can also let me know if you want to be considered for a specific yarn. The three winners will be chosen as follows: One for the most amusing comment, one for the most helpful/constructive comment and one random winner. Help me to make 2009 the best blogging year yet!


Anonymous said...

I read regularly and find your blog interesting!!! I loved the pillow project a lot, and now you're working away on Endpapers and the Daisy necklet and I'm anxious to see how they turn out. Wishing you a wonderful 2009, health and happiness and yarn. :) Wish I could be amusing and win some yarn. I like the blog the way it is, so can't really be helpful. I'd suggest keeping on doing what you're doing! I'll be out here reading. :) samm (at ravelry)

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

You are a better knitter, photographer and blogger than I am, and seem to have so much fun doing all three. You have wit and wisdom, great fashion sense, an enviable stash and your blog is a great showcase of all of the above. So my advice is: STOP IT ALREADY, I'm jealous!

My only serious suggestion is to consider using smaller picture thumbnails,with text alongside, on photo-intensive posts, and perhaps stagger the left-right-center placement a little, to avoid a monolithic look.

Well, I've tried amusing and constructive, so now on to random:
Zuchinni 51 delta *****ZoWee

ikkinlala said...

I really like reading about your projects and about what you think of different types of yarn. I can't think of anything I'd especially like to see changed, but I do like Kitten With a Whiplash's suggestion of smaller picture thumbnails - in my case, because the bandwidth on my internet connection has a fairly low limit.

(I'd be interested in either of the blue yarns.)

Amaranthe said...

Spiffy blog. :) Lovely photography and simple, uncluttered layout. I can't quite think of anything to change.

I like the sock yarn or the lang self-striping.

~WallflowerGirl on rav.

Kenyetta said...

I am more of a skim reader but I must admit I love your pictures and your pattern suggestions. I love the brown cardi!

Sharon Rose said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! I like seeing your projects as they progress... I knit all the time but I never seem to have any FOs, so it's nice to see other people actually finishing something! Your Endpaper Mitts are particularly gorgeous. Have you considered adding those "progress bars" to the side? Or are you too project-monogamous for that to make sense?

I dig both the Arauncia and the Mille (I want to do that entrelac hat with it!).

Becky said...

Congratulations on your bloggiversary. Personally, I find contests to be an ineffective way to gain new readers. I've held numerous contests on my blog, and many people drop by to enter the contest and never come back--until I hold another contest, that is. Good luck to you, though.

squiggi said...

Congrats on your blogiversary!
I just love seeing other folks' projects. I find it inspiring.

Rachel O said...

Happy Happy Blogiversary from a lurker. I rarely post anything and don't blog myself. But I do knit and love looking at all your projects. Very inspiring!

By the way, I will be in Jerusalem in a couple of weeks (I know that you started the blog when you were there)

Rachel O said...

Oh yeah, should I win, my first choice is the Cascade, second is the Araucania, and third is the Lang.

Trudy said...

Amusing? I'd like you to have a contest everyday, and for me to win it at least once Yeah--I should have said once, but hey--, I'm amusing!

Elaine said...

What do I like
Oh let me see,
I think it's the

I like the picture,
Of the week,
The finished objects,
Have you tried to steek?

I like your travels,
I like your charm,
I like the wristlets,
Which will keep you warm,

So happy blogiversary,
Let's get real,
I say it with,
A lot of zeal!

And if I won,
What would I choose?
I think the Cascade,
With the lav and blues,

The Ranco Solid,
I'm pleased to say,
If I won,
Would make my day.

I'd also be happy,
I have to admit,
If I won the Lang,
For showing wit.

carla said...

Happy blogaversary! 2 years - wow!

I think I am not going to compete for funny. Too tough.

So I'll go for constructive (or maybe just dumb luck).

I love all the photos of FO and WIP and personally, I love the photos right smack in the middle the way they are.

What I'd like to see is more modeling. You finished a gorgeous-looking jacket, but how does it look on? It really does help me to judge whether or not I'd be interested in making it to see a human being (rather than a floor or pole or even dress model) wearing it. Even the lovely neck warmer would be great to see on (with and without a jacket) How high does it lay?

But generally, I think your blog is a winner.

Jackie said...

I like your blog!

I think the photos are a great size, anything smaller wouldn't work. I would like to see more people or non-knitting (I can't believe I'm saying that) photos. I LOVE the pics of the house covered in snow (can you tell I'm from Florida). Your photos are also very clear which is great and your written content is good too!

Happy Blogiversary!

Jenny said...

I've got to be honest. I like the content of your blog, but I love the layout. White with simple black text is much simpler for me to read than lots of colors. I like your clock at the top of the page, and I love the collage top of the page. The pictures are well done.

The yarns you're offering are lovely. I love the Cascade 220 because I've felted with it combined with another Cascade yarn, and it creates lovely colors. And the Lang Mille really does make a great Quant!

teabird said...

I agree with Jenny - I love a quiet layout on a blog - so much easier and friendlier to read! I love the pictures of your projects...

Ranco solid would be nice....

teabird . ravelry

wenat said...

I really like your photography. The colours of your projects and yarn come through very nicely, and the texture of your knitting and stitches are beautifully detailed. Plus your backgrounds aren't too busy.

Turtle said...

well, seeing everyone is being so honest i will be too! smile... i am completely new to your blog! But by looking through things i can say that i really like your photography. Very clear and adds so much! I like to see what someone is doing, working on, etc. get a feel for them and their daily projects in life...and you portray those things very nicely! I bookmarked ya!! Happy blogiversary!

Turtle said...

well, seeing everyone is being so honest i will be too! smile... i am completely new to your blog! But by looking through things i can say that i really like your photography. Very clear and adds so much! I like to see what someone is doing, working on, etc. get a feel for them and their daily projects in life...and you portray those things very nicely! I bookmarked ya!! Happy blogiversary!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary :-)

What I like has been said already: your photos :-)

Lupie said...

We may have to take you off The Lesser Known Skeins. I think you are becoming a superstar blogger!
I am so proud!

Jersey said...

Happy blogiversary.

I'm also new to your blog, but really like it. Like everyone, I really like the photos - they give a real sense of what you're up to in terms of knitting and that is why I read a knitting blog (which is truthfully the only type of blog I read).

Someone suggested that you include more photos of you or someone modeling the FO and I think that is about the only deficiency I see. Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing. And for the other commenter who says that having a contest does not bring regular readers, it is true that the readership will peak with a contest, but if your blog is compelling, then people will return. And most people I know, don't have the time to read blogs every day, and so they will drop in and out. Finally, there are lots of lurkers who come and read what you have to say, and look at what you show, and don't say anything. Why does anyone think that everyone is compelled to say something even when they have nothing to say?

And for the record, I'm my nieces' Tante J(essie).

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is fine the way it is! With lots of pictures. I love pictures!

I would want the Cascade 220, one skien for a knitted, felted balloon dog (desined by CID) and the other for a felted hat for my sister, which one of us will make. She'll probaly want the blue color.

Thanks for having a contest!
KJo (on Ravelry)

Jersey said...

Forgot to say - just in case I win, my first choice is the Cascade, second is the Lang, and third the Ranco.

Lauren said...

Two years? Congrats! I love your photographs, and since I read most blogs via RSS, my only suggestion would be to have the whole post come up that way.

Just in case I win, I'd love the Ranco Solid! Pretty stuff.

Jane said...

I have to admit this is my first visit to your blog - so I guess I'm going for the random pick win!
I do love 'indications that someone is reading' for comments.
I love all three of the yarn prizes!

Jane said...

I have to admit this is my first visit to your blog - so I guess I'm going for the random pick win!
I do love 'indications that someone is reading' for comments.
I love all three of the yarn prizes!

cksknitter said...

O’ Tante J, your blog I adore,
Of life and travels and knitting galore.

To knitting you’re loyal though it may take awhile,
Especially Arietta, an incredible fairisle!

Your knit sushi I believe is my favorite one.
It should be on the list of things that you’ve done.

By reading your blog, I know you quite well.
Most intriguing was your decision to leave Israel.

Increasing your blogging gives me reading aplenty,
And now heaven for me would be Cascade 220.

So keep making knits that warm head to toes,
For we all rely on what the Teleknitalist knows!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Normally I just lurk, but you've lured me out. ; )

I love your photography! I wish I could get such good shots. I also really like your writing style.

As for suggestions? Maybe smaller thumbnails, but I love to see what you're working on.

Anonymous said...

Ooh... and if I had a choice, I'd pick the Arucania first, then the Cascade 220. Forgot that bit!

|chee-uh| said...

I'm always up for posts about food (with recipes of course)!

JuliaA said...

i love blogs with lots of well-taken photographs of interesting stuff.


i love knitting blogs where people are doing stuff that twists my mind in knots (without a cable needle).


but you're still doing stuff that my gnat-like attention span can relate to, like star stitch and that chevron hat.

i like your picture of the week. possibly because i'm lusting after this week's yarn.

seems like a great blog--you seem to have a sense of aesthetics that might be able to come up with a droolworthy yarny banner of some sort, but i wouldn't have any other suggestions.

tom said...

OK - here I come as an unbiased observer (but hoping to win nonetheless). I think that your blog is terrific. I love the photos, I love the nice chatty style, I love that you show us the things you are working on as it progresses, I loved reading about your childhood recollections.

What suggestions would I make to improve it? That's a toughy. I really DON"T like people who tell us every little detail of their lives. It is none of our business and also boring to read. There is a fine line between a blog that makes the reader feel like a voyeur and one that doesn't say anything. I think that you've nailed it as in gotten it just right.

So congrats on your longevity. Keep doing what you're doing, and keep up all that great knitting!

Oh yeah, I just peeked at some of the other posts and the one good suggestion I saw was to show more photos of your FO being modeled. Hmmm - wish I had thought of that! I guess it doesn't count as my suggestion if I copy the idea from someone else - does it? As my sister used to say - "make them stop copying off of me"

Jean said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I haven't read your blog yet so I can't say what I like or what it needs, but I do like all the colorful pictures you have posted in it.

Jean in Maine (Rav)

One Sheep said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I don't blog at all, so my perspective is strictly as a reader.

I like Kitten's suggestion, some of your earlier posts, in Feb and April 07 for example, seem to be in that format. It is more visually stimulating and professional looking than just a straight column.

As for modeling your projects, I've noticed it's about 50/50 bloggers who have pics of themselves and those who don't, perhaps for privacy/safety concerns. So I'm ok with blogs that don't feature pics of the blogger.

I also agree with Tom about overly chatty blogs. Your blog strikes a very nice note of openess without drowning us in minutiae.

I guess I'm just weighing in on other folks' suggestions so far, so I'll just add that whatever you are most comfortable with will be what works best for you. It's your blog, so keep it the way you like it.

Carrie said...

Wow...what a great blog. I found you through Ravelry...and glad I did. I love your knitting...gorgeous! And your pictures are great. I think the more pictures the better! Keep up the good work, and happy new year!

EJ said...

Now I am a fine one to comment on what someone else's blog needs since I don't blog - I am one of those lurkers and only on knitting blogs so in some sense I am the best judge - I am not a contestant and I read lots of them.

Someone commented that contests don't keep people coming back. Well, that's because the blog is not compelling to the people who come, look and don't return. A contest alerts new readers to a blog. There are a number of blogs I now visit regularly that I found out about because of a contest. There are others that I found just plain boring. The ones I come back to generally did show lots of knitting photos and generally had what Tom called a nice chatty style. Now I know that some people blog each day or almost each day much like a diary. Well why would I be interested in reading all those details about someone I don't know doing the normal daily things. It is a crashing bore to me.

But yours has just enough detail to make it interesting, lots of knitting stuff and you also write very nicely. Keep it up.

As for the modeling issue (I think Carla suggested it first) I agree about that, and you don't have to worry about privacy either (although I am repeatedly amazed by the personal details people reveal about themselves and especially their children). You can take a photo that doesn't include the head or face. Lots of people do that. They'll show the garment modeled on a human, taken from the neck down (if it is a sweater, jacket, scarf). I guess hats would be tough.

As long as people are commenting on other comments, I really enjoyed Elaine's poem - very cute and witty. Clever idea.

So the bottom line is - keep doing what you're doing, and maybe add some modeling photos. I am happy with their placement personally and like the plain, uncluttered look. I hate it when I have to try to figure out where a sentence continues.

Wow, I sure do sound opinionated! I agree with someone (I'm too lazy to go back yet again to see who it was) that you have a winner of a blog and now that I know about it, I plan to stop by regularly which doesn't necessarily mean daily and which also doesn't necessarily mean that I'll say anything on a particular day.

Lynne said...

Congrats Tante. I am a rare commenter who has been reading since before you moved. Drawn because my daughter is also Tante J(ulie).

There are 2 items in particular that keep bringing me back (but, if the rest of the blog wasn't well done, I wouldn't keep it up.): You are so amazingly prolific with you knitting projects! I'm clueless how you manage that, especially as a NEW knitter. So I keep reading to keep up on all you churn out. Second, I love the Shabbos pauses, & when you write about the Shabbos or the holidays. Not so much observance these days & it's nice to see a young person keep it up.

PS: I think Elaine should win for her poem..
PPS: If I get a random win, whatever no one else wants if great for me

Elaine said...

I got a vote or maybe two and I didn't even ask for it. Hey - I'm excited.

It's funny, my great aunts were Tantes, my aunts were all Aunt. To clarify, that wasn't just a generational issue, my father's family came from Germany and so did not speak Yiddish at all, while my mother's family was from Eastern Europe and did. I had no great aunts on my father's side, but he had 3 sisters (the aunts). My mother's mother had 2 sisters (the tantes) and my mother was an only so no aunts on that side.

Did you grow up observant? So many of the observant young people I know did not - they decided that they needed what shabbos observance brings. I grew up semi-observant and I believe that I am more spiritual, and in some ways more observant now, but in other ways less. I was just in Israel last month for the first time, visiting my husband's relatives. We had a very interesting visit.

Anyway, thanks Lynne, that was very nice of you to say, and I promise I don't know Lynne and didn't put her up to it - really.

Kristen said...

I love the multitude of big photos, although they could be set to the left with text on the right and below. I also agree that I'd love to see the FOs modeled! And let us know where you got the fabulous yarns- online store? LYS? I also loved the "100 Things" post! Keep us informed when you do other things on the list.
I'm a new knitter so ideas as to difficulty rankings would be great for the projects you're working on. I'd love to make those lovely End Paper Mitts but they might be beyond my skills right now.
But it's a lovely blog!

Timiae said...

I love reading about your projects. Nothing I'd really change about it... keep it up!
I'd love the Araucania Ranco (one of my favorites!).

EJ said...

Oops - I forgot to give my prize choices in the unlikely event that I win.

1 - Cascade
2 - Ranco
3 - Lang

Debbie said...

Congrats on your blogiversary. First, the important item. I must have that gorgeous and colorful Lang Mille Colori!

I've been following and enjoying your blog since before your move from Jerusalem. I bought the Icosa ball pattern because of you! Haven't done anything with it yet and am disappointed that it is not on your holding list anymore.

We actually did meet while you were here. You used to live in my neighborhood. I won't get into more than that here. You can email me. Debbie.

Ellie said...

Happy blogiversary. I'm also new to your blog and like it very much. I'm funny in person (trust me) but not in blogs.

I'll give you my assessment of the suggestions you've gotten for what it's worth.

1) I personally don't think the photo placement makes much difference, unless it makes it more difficult to follow the text which it often does if the text is next to the photo since it is sort of scrunched in.

2) Model FO - YES definitely. I absolutely hate it when I look at a potential pattern and don't see it worn by a normal human being with a normal body, especially for sweaters and jackets. I've knit too many things following the instructions in which the armholes are much wider than I would have liked and if a human had worn it, I would have known that and not made the pattern or modified it so that it fit more like I would like it. So please model - you can take a photo in the mirror if you don't have someone else to take it for you. Many of us would be so grateful!

3) Give a difficulty rating. Well the problem with that is that that is very subjective (yikes - 3 "that's" in 4 words). If you know how to make cables, then a pattern with a complicated cable pattern may be a piece of cake for you but if you haven't, it may be overwhelming. My closest friend has knit all her life, but she just bought some fingering yarn and nearly killed it while winding it and threw it into the corner because she was so frustrated with it. Yet she does very complex stranded knitting which she designs on the fly. What is easy for me, is hard for you.

I read your post from today. You asked about having travel photo day. Personally, I only read knitting blogs and so I'd be less interested, but others may feel otherwise. Perhaps you can have a fixed day of the week which is travel day and then those interested could sit down and watch the "slideshow" and others could save the clicks of coming over.

I haven't really offered my own suggestion (other than keep the travel day to a fixed one) because I basically think you have a really nice blog. Congratulation.

silfert said...

Although your blog, to me, is new,
I'll add it to my "favorites" queue.

I like the projects and the pix;
You have a fairly balanced mix.

I'll have to hang my head in shame:
I never use a project's name.

It's always "bleep" or "blank" or "@&$%";
Hooray for calmer, soothing wit.

A toast to blogs, and knitting, too.
But most of all, congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

I do not like green yarn and socks.
I could not, would not, on a boat.
I will not, will not, with a goat.
I will not knit them in the rain.
I will not knit them on a train.
Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You let me be!
I do not like them in a box.
I do not like them with a fox.
I will not knit them in a house.
I will not blog about them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like green yarn and socks.
I do not like them, Tante J.

Anonymous said...

I just gotta have that Araucania Ranco Solid hank! So here is my entry for most amusing comment:

Knitblogger's Haikus

I knitted some socks.
Followed the pattern all day.
Then blogged about it.

Love my ball winder.
But I still got a knot. Rats!
Seek advice on blog.

Made me a sweater.
Spent eighty three days on it.
Took photos for blog.

Melinda said...

If I win, I will donate the yarn to Knitzvah, the charitable knitting group at my congregation, where it will be knitted into a scarf for the local seniors.

Yitz said...

I think the blog is great, just only have one constructive comment.

Though you do not blog on Shabbos, the blog is still up at that time. If you move your blog over to, then the blog is automatically taken down. It even detects what timezone you are in, so that the blog will only be available to you at the right times depending on your zone.

I Love to Knit and like Elaine said...

I want to win the Lang Mille Colori because thenn I will feel like there is more color in the world. And everyone willl say , "Oh Tanta J, please give meee the Lang Mille Colori. I thik you shouold give it to every blogger. Please." Now, what you should change to is letting everybody communicate to tell of their knitting adventures. I think that i would love to hear how to knit a new sweater. Thanks Tanta Jessica

BloggyBlaBlaBla said...

Hey there Tante J! I want some yarn ,so I can learn how to knit. I love your blog Tante J!

Your loving niece,

Elaine said...

How exciting, I seem to have engendered a poetry-writing club on your blog! More color, more joy, more poetry. All good things for the new year right.

And, G-d willing, more peace in the world.

My new year wish to all is good health, happiness, and peace, and of course lots of yarn and time to knit.

katerina said...

I love the creativity and beauty of your website - the topics and pictures make it fun and interesting! I think you should keep it just the way it is! Thanks for blogging!!

Beverly said...

I love your blog. The content is always interesting and you haven't cluttered the blog which can make it difficult for my old eyes to read.

Most of all...I LOVE THE PURPLE CLOCK! Whew, I got that outta my system. Don't change a thing. Your blog is great.

Anonymous said...

from your childhood sweater (with or without hood) to smaller projects (like the flower power mittens), your sense of color is soothing yet exciting! i enjoy reading your blog and only wish you could link us to the various patterns you enjoy so that we can work on them along with you.

d. smith

Aster said...
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