Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's A Mir-A-Cle

The last picture I posted of Arietta was this one:

Well I did finish that sleeve before I left for California (almost costing me my Ravelympics badge I might add. Take a good look at that badge. That one, over in the right side bar. Scroll down now to Buttons Badges and Bears, Oh My and have a good look. I earned it!) All that was left was to pick up the stitches for the front bands. So I ordered a little sumpin sumpin before I left to help me out. And yesterday, I put that super-gadget to work.

Behold, the Cro-Needle by Addi

One end crochet hook, one end knitting needle, joined by a flexible 32" cable. No more fighting to pick up stitches. Just slip the crochet hook through and pick up a loop. Then slide those stitches down. Down.

And there you have it. 382 stitches picked up quickly and easily.

Rock on!

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Anonymous said...

I need me a cro-needle!!!! I need it badly!! I didn't know these existed! What a time saver and frustration reducer! Thanks for telling about it. I have to get my lys to get me one or two. A smaller one and a slightly larger sized one, maybe? :) samm