Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I stayed up late and woke up early and even though I was meant to be doing other things, I finished Marie Antoinette. Almost. Because when I went got to the end, The End, when all that was left to do was graft together two sides of 12 stitches each I COULD NOT FIND A NEEDLE!

Somewhere between here and California is my magic bag. The one with the teeny gauge crochet hook, the darning needles, some spare stitch markers. I packed it. I know I did. But after searching hither and thither for more time than I had, I gave up.

Which means I have a great excuse for Arietta not being seamed yet.

But not much to show for my knitting accomplishments.

Still, I did learn this helpful tip today.

Should come in handy now that I'm back to Jeanie.

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Shawnee said...

I am in awe of your Arietta! WOW!