Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Saga of Ornette, A Happy Ending

Thank you to those who sent their hugs and sympathy. Perhaps I am luckiest that I never saw Sherry truly ill. That her smile and sense of humor are with me always. She'd be the first to complain about lack of bloggage so here I am, back at the keyboard...

The Saga of Ornette
Verse 2

I awoke Friday morning with two missions. Complete Ornette, of course, and make ready for Shabbos. I was up early enough and really just wanted to knit. But my mom lovingly reminded me to get it on with the Shabbos cooking. It's a good thing she did. I put up the gefilte fish and the chicken soup and as they simmered away, I awayed to my needles to move forward on Ornette. At this point she looked a bit like this:

Yes, heel turned but not through the end of the gusset yet.

It was time to get back to the cooking though. An oven to clean. Chicken, side dish and cholent to prepare. Not to mention a few salads. And then. Disaster. Struck. The fish and the soup soup were off the heat, the onions and meat were browning in the cholent pot. The beans and barley had been soaking a while. And the chicken and courgettes were ready to be washed, a potato or two had been peeled. The cleaning cycle was almost finished. And then, nothing. The oven, the stove top, the timer, the clock. All. Dead. A mini (truly mini) meltdown ensued. Perhaps a bit of hyperventilation. But cooler heads prevailed. The single burner was found as well as the warming tray. The cholent was transferred to the burner, dinner would consist of fish and chicken soup. There would be cholent for dinner and, thank goodness, challah rolls had been purchased since I knew I'd be to tired to bake. All would be ok. So, much to my mother's bemusement, I was back to Ornette, making my way through the gusset until it was time to shower and finish up the Shabbos preparations. And look, the gusset was complete. Only the foot to work through.

Verse 3
Saturday night
9pm or so

Shabbos was over, Havdallah had been made, the washing up had been done. And of course, Ornette was out of the bag. I had until 9 am in the morning to get her finished and I was determined. So I knit and I knit and I knit and I'm sure I *tinked* a bit too. I watched episode after episode of Robin Hood, Season 2 and still I knit on. And finally at about 3 AM I pulled out the darning needle to graft the toe closed. I even snapped a horrible photo as proof and made my way to Ravelry to post my finish and completion of my Ravelympic entry.

And then of course I went to bed and passed out until 8:30 Sunday morning.

There's so much more to catch up on photos to post but they need both my sister's approval and my own computer to crop and fix them up. Tomorrow is my last day with the family. I have still to pack, to try and find a couple of things to wear for work, get to my sisters and spend some time with the kids. And hopefully to stop in at Starbucks. Even if just to pick up a coffee and say goodbye to the ladies of the Sunday morning knit group.

I arrive in NY at about 7:15 am and then have my longish trek home. I hope to write again Monday but make no guarantees. But then it's all back to normal. I hope...


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous socks! I love the color and the pattern...have a good trip home!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous socks! I love the color and the pattern...have a good trip home!