Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Have More than a One-Track Mind

Occasionally I think of, and do, things of a non-knitting nature. Why even this evening I went into Manhattan to enjoy a lovely dinner at Abigael's restaurant. Yes, visiting family. And I had a fabulous time! Of course I did have a little something-something to keep me busy during the bus ride, but today we don't mention the S word.

No today I prove that I can keep my hands, and by extension my needles, busy with things other. Like Arietta. Remember her? I do. And I've been working on her.

Remember the handy dandy chart I worked up AGES ago? Not only did I plot my own colors over the originals but I added notations for the decreases and increases. And so even though it has been an embarrassing amount of time since any real work has been done, now that I'm back the chart is making it very, very easy.

Yes that little section may not look like much...

But if you look at the arrows you'll see that there is less left to do than you think.

When I get to the red arrow I start the major decreases for the neckline. Yep, this little lady plunges right down. But worry not for my modesty, Arietta is a cardigan and I already have the right color T to wear underneath. Continue up a bit to the blue arrow and you'll see where the arm hole bind off begins.

So really I only have about 5" more to do until I start some serious decreasing. Then the Right Front will be done in no time flat. Of course I'll still have a sleeve and the front and neck bands. But that's ok. And lest you think my enthusiasm has waned, I am here to set the record straight. Every time I look at this cardigan I love it. I love the colors, the mosaic pattern, the design. Yes, I'm feeling very positive about this. It should be ready for the Autumn. Thanks Barbara for an awesome pattern.

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