Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am not a Random Person

I had a very special guest come visit today. New Roommate, who henceforth shall be called The Wigg-ed One, came to visit. Ostensibly she was there to remove any chometz she had left behind but I prefer to believe she was there to see me. Now that she's living in another city (technically another state,) I miss her. Really.

And apparently I trained her well.

Now that she won't be around to hear me read her the blog bits I am most proud of (or think are so clever or funny that I have to share them,) she plans on reading it herself. Whilst discussing some very important knitting fundamentals (they are all important, no?) she coined a new phrase, calling me a Teleknitalist (this seems to be the knitting equivalent of a televangelist.) I also told her about the Yarn Harlot's book tour (I left a couple of Harlot books in the bathroom for a while and The Wigg-ed One really did read them!) We also looked over the socks on the needles (she wants to know how many pairs of socks I need - poor girl, I guess she is not fully trained yet,) and I tried them on for her, of course. And I showed her the newest member of the Quant family, Quant-i-fiable. I am not happy with the way things are going.

The random splashes of blue just aren't well placed. And The Wigg-ed One agreed. I believe she said something like, "Your stuff is always so nice, but this isn't so good." Like I said, I trained her well.

You can see from the magic red marker some of the disappointing blue splashes, and though the Sublime yarn is just that, it can be a bit splitty and has left some ugly bits on the end. So I ripped back to a couple of rows above the first blue splash and started over. Clearly I need to plan my random splashes better.

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formernewroommate said...

As an indication that somebody loves you, I am here, as always, amused by the contents of your recent bloggings, albeit from a bit further away. I am excited to see that 10% of the Icosa ball has been completed!!