Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Walk of Shame

In honor of What's On Your Needles Wednesday, I have decided to publicly humiliate myself by showing off my plethora of WIPs. I do this as a way of either motivating or embarrassing myself into action, to get these projects OFF my needles. My needles are already crying out for new projects, but no! I must be strict! Nothing new until [most] of these projects have been flipped from WIPs to FOs.

So with no further ado, my virtual Wall of Shame:

Starting with my lowest offense, we have the Be My Love Pillow. If it weren't for the fact that the wedding was last Sunday, this wouldn't be so bad. The front and back of this pillow are finished but the question is, When will I get the cushion for it? And how will I join the pieces together. I still have some kind of I-cord fantasy, but can I execute it?

Heart side

Monogram side

Next up: Petit Chou. All I have left to do is the sole (solid pink), seaming and adding the roses. But will the baby's feet still be small enough to wear these by the time they arrive in Israel? To make matters worse, there are three other completed pairs just waiting to be mailed off with these. Oh, my!

While we are at it, I am so close to finishing the Rock and Weave socks. If only life would stop getting in the way!

Because, it's not just Rock and Weave that want to warm my toes. I really love working with the Casbah yarn and Oriel wants to be finished also.

There are so, SO many socks that I want to make. Embossed Leaves, Pomatomus, Monkey and Esther come to mind, as does Coriolos and more toe-up socks. And then there is my pride to think of. I must make a successful pair of Jaywalkers. I MUST!

Jaywalker socks hit the frog pond, again!

From one set of digits to the other, Flower Power Mittens have been almost finished for ages. I cut out all the original embroidery because the yarn was terrible for it. But have I found the right yarn to finish these yet? And, honestly, they are a bit big. I want to sew some elastic into the inner orange stripe. Besides, there are GLOVES that want to be made. Like Twisted Gauntlets, for starters.

Now we come to the neck adornments. Why or why can't I finish up these scarves?!? I love Shag. I really do. I love the yarn I chose and I love the way it looks. I just wish it wasn't quite so monotonous. Of course if I had knit it in the gauge that was called for, it would be finished already. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

New Wave. What can I say. The concept is cool. I think I still like the color. But like Shag, the work is a bit monotonous. Amazing really. Knitting New Scarves is such an amazing book. Such amazing looking scarves. Who would have thought that once you learn the technique, they'd be so darn easy to do. Most people would love that, but me, I guess I need the challenge. And I am so wanting to work on Drifting Pleats!

Talk about blasts from the past! I started Windchime Blues in Jerusalem, last summer. And, yes, I do still have all the little pieces and the necessary yarn to finish. But all the little fiddly bits, not speaking to me right now. Not speaking to me for a while, I guess. And then I have to sew them all up. Crocheted with MicroFibre yarn, this would be just perfect for spring, so maybe I could get my act together. Then I'll see if I am still invested in the pink version!

The WIP that makes me weep. Jeanie. I really, really want to get back to Jeanie. To think of nothing but her graceful lines, cable work. To feel the silk of Hand Maiden's Mini Maiden running through my fingers. I MUST find a way to get back to you!

And the most embarrassing of all. Arietta. Embarrassing because I do love this pattern so. Embarrassing because I haven't lost the weight I need to lose in order to wear her. And the longer she languishes, the harder it is to get back to her. But I do love the colors, the pattern. Perhaps this will be for after Pesach? Shavuos? When the weather warms and the wools is just to hot to work with?

And I'm not even mentioning the sampler afghan. Who knows when I'll get back that. Of course, I did bring it back, with all the yarn, from California last month...

I've got to get a grip on this situation. Because there are things that must be made. Like the Icosa Ball Pillow. I still have to cast on! The wedding is in just over three weeks! Oh, nooooooooooooooo!

And let us not forget. The new Knitty came out yesterday. 'Nough said!

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and the requested felted bag in black with embroidery.....
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