Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Sometimes there's nothing to be done. My wrists are on holiday. Marathon knitting may be taking its toll. I must, therefore, nip it in the bud. Besides, if you ask my mother, I have more important things to do. More important? Sacrilege! Still, full time employment will do much for stash enhancement so I've spent the morning re-re-re-revamping my resume. Let's hope this time's the charm. For these reasons and more, today has been declared a knit free day. Not a fiber free day, just a knit free one. Yarn ogling, fondling and fume inhalation are all acceptable. For obvious reasons, purchasing is not.

So while I'm off to saner pastures, I leave you with some Rock & Weave progress shots.

Rock and Weave Cuff close up. See the fabulous linen stitch and the pretty picot edging? And if you look real close you can see where the leg joins the cuff.

That's the way to turn their heads, uh I mean heels.

Is that a gusset or is that a gusset?

All that's left is one big size 10 foot and toe portion.

And I am doing them 2 at a time, in my own weird fashion!

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