Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pillow Talk

You know after that self imposed day of knitterly celibacy I got right back to it yesterday. I was careful to take breaks and I was feeling no pain. I managed to finish the front of Be My Love Pillow, but not without its setbacks. With just two rows of seed stitch left until the bind off, I doubted myself. I thought I saw a mistake. I checked and rechecked. Mistake. So I ripped back about a dozen rows and got back to work. And then. I got to the same place in my seed stitch and looked down and saw the same thing that had bothered me before. Did I make a mistake again? NO! I'd never made a mistake in the first place! Ughhh. So now the front of the pillow is done and is even blocking.

But I am in a bit of a quandary. The original (dish cloth) pattern has the work showing Reverse Stockinette up, making for a more subtle design. Most of the finished projects in Ravelry have it showing Stockinette side up. Now because this is a pillow, with a front and a back I have to choose which to show. I have three choices. (You'd think there would only be two, but this is me, always making things more complicated.)

I could show the Reverse Stockinette side:

here's a close up

Or Stockinette side up

and a closeup
Or, instead of knitting the back side in Seed Stitch, I could knit a second front and have one side be Stockinette and one be Reverse Stockinette, giving the new couple the option of choosing. What do you think?

As for the finishing, I'm still thinking applied I-cord, but I've got some researching to do first. If anyone has any ideas please share.

Now, here's a funny coincidence. I am not particularly partial to this color. It's not that I dislike it at all, I'd just never call it one of my favorites. And yet, here I am with my second pillow, and I ended up using this color both times. Good thing New Roommate's Icosa Pillow is all set to be made up with something altogether different!

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