Friday, March 14, 2008

Blue Lagoon

Are you tired of winter? Is the snow, rain or general dullness of the sky getting you down? Close your eyes. (Ok, metaphorically close your eyes so you can keep on reading!) Imagine yourself on a tropical isle. Sun shining down, ocean breezes caressing your skin. Perhaps you are, like my mother, sipping Mai Tais in Waikiki. Or in St. Barts or Aruba. Wherever your fantasy, you have only to gaze into the pictures below and you'll be on your way. Though this yarn is called Devon, which is indeed far from any tropical locales, these shades of azure speak to me in an exotic tongue.

While this skein and its mate are mill ends, the slight irregularities appeal to me. They are an original. And though I could lose myself in their pools of color, I do hope there will be no pooling in the socks they will become.

Pattern recommendations anyone?

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Jeanne said...

Very pretty yarn - great colors. I just started a pattern called Nine-To-Five socks that is turning out well....