Thursday, January 31, 2008


You probably thought I wasn't going to make it today! Well, here I am. Better late than never. And here is an unexpected FO.

[No] Flower Power by Ann Squire,
needles: 5mm circs and dpns (pattern calls for 5.5 mm but I just wasn't getting gauge.)
yarn: Sugar n' Cream in hot blue, hot green, hot red, hot orange, navy and Peaches & Creme in yellow
gauge: 14 sts = 4 in
size: 12-36 months
Made without the flower. I decided it may not go over...

I went into Manhattan yesterday to meet up with an old colleague who had graciously offered to review my resume, discuss networking, and just give me some overall advice about finding a job in Manhattan. As we were making our way towards our next, individual destinations, he asked if I'd heard he'd had a baby. About a year ago. Um, no! So once I got home I started knitting up this fun baby hat as a little thank you. Of course I'll have to find a subtle way to let him know I knit it. He won't have a clue!

And you thought I was going to make you go through entrelac three days in a row!

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