Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2007, the Rest of the Year

The back half of 2007 was quite productive.

No pictures didn't mean no progress. With 7 posts in July I was surely busy with something. Besides computer hell! Readjusting to life int the US, exposure to real knitting books (through the courtesy of the Marin County Public Libraries, the final installment of Harry Potter, work on Arietta and attending my first real-world knitting group with the ladies of Uknitty at the Mill Valley Starbucks most Sundays kept me busy, indeed. Not to mention my Ravelry invite!


Ravelry changed my world and I was a true devotee. In addition to uploading everything I had to the site, I met up with some Ravelers in San Francisco and went on my first Yarn Crawl. Knit wise, I added the Tooth Fairy pillow for my niece and nephews to my ever growing list of FOs. I work on Arietta, of course, and started another Argosy: no. 6! I also found time to leave the beauty that is Marin County and move to NJ. The reasons were many and may not make sense if you aren't acquainted with my lifestyle, but they made sense at the time, and still do.


As I tried to settle in to my new, albeit temporary home, I looked forward the the new year, and all that it entails. Rosh Hashana was spent with family in Edison and I made my first dishcloths as a house warming present. I continued with gifts for the kids and my finished Miss Kitty Kat for my nieces 5th birthday. I also began my love/hate relationship with socks. I also put away Arietta for the duration of winter.

Yom Kippur and Succos took up much of the month, as did the birth of two little cousins. Tiny knits were called for in celebration: Saartje's Bootees and High Energy Baby Socks. Rounding out the footwear them were my Felted Clogs and my acceptance of the Jaywalker fiasco. (Either I am very devoted or a glutton for punishment, but I've got those babies back on the needles!)

Hat season officially began, and lesson were learned about big heads, lots of curls and relative hat sizes. Another toy was created but has yet to fly off to CA.

Odessa, Chevron Hat, and the Golden Snitch.


The final month of 2007 was prolific indeed, knitting many accessories, most of which were presents and were modeled by the lovely New Roommate. Lots of hats, a successful pair of adult socks and the journey back to scarves, starting with Tudora. I also made Koolhaas, an Unoriginal Hat and her pale, twin sister hat Foo Foo on You, as well as Odessa sequel: Odessa II, for the bigger head. I also discovered Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves which accompanies me into 2008 and many projects to come...

Of course, 2008's first FOs were started in 2007: Peacock Picot socks, H-J J's Very Exciting Gray Clogs, and Flower Power Mittens as well as some of the current WIPs that I've been holding back on like New Wave, Jeanie as well as Argosy VI (alive and kicking) and a couple of newbies...

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