Monday, August 13, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation

In the Knitting world, as in the Jewish, everyone is connected. In fact 6 degrees may be a few degrees too many. But it is in the world of Soap Operas that everything is much more convoluted. There, your mother could also be your step sister, step daughter, half sister, cousin or niece. Now it appears things can get even more complicated. The other day my mom started explaining the complex relationships in Passions (which apparently starting airing after I left the country.) When she got to Eve and Chad, she explained that Chad was her half son. Any one care to explain this one to me?


Heatherly said...

maybe it's like when i am stressed out i tell hubby to deal with HIS children. they are only half mine when in trouble?

but it is not a term i have heard before :-)

marycatharine said...

I've never quite figured out soap operas there relationships are way to crazy for me to figure out. I once had the same lesson about Passions from my sister- good for you for getting as far as you did, after the first couple I just went to the bathroom and came back when something new was on tv.

Ayelet said...

A half son. That's interesting. Maybe she only pushed him half of the way out and he crawled the rest of the way by himself? :D

Finish the kitty cat already - I cant wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

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