Sunday, February 25, 2007

And a fun time was had by all...

One of things I love about this country is our exuberance. We get so excited about things. Like today, for instance. Whilst in line at the bank (it's always at the bank, isn't it) I witnessed a gentleman at the counter as he worked himself into a true tizzy, demanding to see the bank manager because the teller wouldn't let him pay his bill. No, he didn't have the bill with him, why should he. The teller should have that info in the computer! Well, it turns out that our gentleman thought he was at Orange, not Bank Mizrachi. Shame on the bank for changing their color scheme, you see how much damage that can do!

But I digress, the fun time I referred to in the tital was not at the bank, though it was amusing. The fun time was at Rebekka's house Thursday night where she hosted an evening with Laurie Kimmelsstiel and a group of 15+ knitters learned to make ruffles and sample luxurious yarns, many of them hand painted, silk or silk blends from Artyarns. Just getting an opportunity to actually see the yarns and work with them before deciding to invest was a great plus for me. And Laurie was so enthusiastic about sharing info that she stuck around way past 10 to give us more design ideas and patterns. The best part, though, was meeting so many fellow knitters, many of whom I knew only from their emails and the Avodat Yad group. In many ways it was like meeting old friends. We all got along and just chatted away, I don't think anyone walking in would have known many of us had never met. And my 11:30pm ride to Binyanei HaUman with Ayelet and Orli not only enabled my splurge buy (no taxi needed!): a skein of Artyarns Silk Rhapsody in a green colorway I had been eyeing all evening, but also to engage in a pastime favorite, Jewish Geography.

Those of you who come from the East Coast seem to play on a daily basis but for those of us from California it is a rare treat. Turns out Orli's husband is not only from San Francisco but also went to Lowell High School (a few years after me, but still I call that a score.) I'd also like to give a special call out to Yael B, who not only organized the event but has been an amazing source and inspiration. And she is just as cool as I thought she'd be. Glad to finally meet you!

I have some project updates and a couple of new projects on the needles.

Banff sweater, two sleeves done. Now to work on the body. I knew the stripes in the sleeves would be much thicker than those in the body (I am using Teddy's Himalaya self striping yarn) but I was hoping to use two balls of yarn to compensate. Problem is the color changes are less than two rows so that doesn't work. I have before me two choices, I can just accept that the stripes in the sleeves and body will be of different thicknesses and not care, or take apart the sleeves and use two balls starting in different places giving thinner more random stripes. Opinions?

Prima Ballerina: Pink Eyelet Wrap Around Cardigan for T: I think I have done more frogging on this than anything I remember. I seem to get through lace projects but am having a heck of a time with these simple eyelets. I only have half a sleeve to show for my troubles but I am making it in a size 6 and T is only 41/2 so I am just trying to remain patient.

A Foreign Affair - still on hold. I am hoping to find something with the right drape when the spring selection of yarns come out.

Cable Vests small one frogged and re knit to set the end of the cable in a more appropriate place. still need to redo neck and arm bands. Large one frogged. I am hoping with added length they will make it through til next winter as I doubt they'd get much use of them now. Will have to get M to measure the boys before I start dealing with seam and bands.

Funky Chunky Zigzag scarf: on hold. I've used 4 balls of the Himalaya in the pink colorways and need one more. I am STILL waiting for the yarn to come back in stock. Pashosh had been out of for a couple of weeks although Aviva assures me it is coming in any day. In fact it may have arrived but the store was mysteriously closed on Tuesday...

New Project! Elbac was a late addition to Knitty: Winter 2006. I am using Gedifra'sCashmerino; a cashmere (10%), merino (55%) and acrylic (35%) blend on 5.5 mm needles. Not as luxurious as that 100% cashmere we drooled over Thursday night but very soft indeed. What's great about this scarf? It's completely ribbed and thus reversible! I just passed the half way point.

New Project! I don't know what to call this new scarf, but I am using the chart from VK's Lace Pullover in the recent Winter 2006 issue and once again the Lanas Stop: Yes Please, this time with color 205 in different shades of blue. After blocking I think the lace work will really show.

Of course I have a few more planned projects and a couple that are so barely started that I am holding off until I share.

Remember, you can click on any image to see it enlarged and all free patterns are linked back to the original site. So until next time...


Anonymous said...

hi-jinx galore!!!

Orlop =) said...

LOL about that Bank incident.
I saw the eyelets and they are so pretty.
Yes, it was quite amazing to meet another jewish person from SF and who went to Lowell.
As for Banff...that's a tough one...i'm inclined to go the hard way...frog and do over...but that's a bitch.

Ayelet said...

Hey hey!
I haven't been around blogland much lately (too much work.. I still haven't decided if it's a good or a bad thing :)), but I just saw this and wanted to say it was great to meet you too! I'm just finishing my review of the sorkshop myself, and I posted a link to the photos in the avodat yad group..
Hope to see you again soon!