Friday, January 5, 2007

First Thoughts

So I've done it. Created a blog. Wow. OK, so I know my way around computers (I do teach them after all,) but I never thought I would actually create a blog. Who knew. With so many of the important people in my life living in far away and exotic places (wait, that's me!) I thought this would be a good way of sharing my adventures: knitting and non.

While I am the child of a proficient knitter, my mother is not the one who taught me to knit. In fact I don't much remember her knitting although my grandmother (father's mother) reminds me often what a wonderful knitter my mother is. I seem to remember a baby sweater or two packed away and a phase where she knit my sister some sweaters about 20 years ago. Then there were baby presents I heard about, knit for friends. And of course there is the famous poncho. Knit for me when I was about 8, the poncho was knit with Red Heart, rainbow variegated yarn. It was the 70's and I loved it. It is still with us, waiting for my niece, Talia, to grow a bit more and claim it for her own.

Those of you who know me say I am creatively gifted. My mom swears it's not from her, but from my aforementioned grandma, a style maven, sewing genius and all around "Lady". So if my mom didn't teach, or my grandmother , who did?

I learned to knit when I was 15, and I was taught by the same person who taught me needlework. My stepmother, Nina. Although she and my father have been divorced for many years I remember her fondly and appreciate the skills she taught me.

That original knitting phase lasted less than a year and I didn't knit very much. But I did learn a long tail cast on, the knit and purl stitches, and binding off. My major achievement was a scarf for my dad in 49er colors (raised in San Francisco I was!) and my first "efforts" at intarsia. The red scarf had gold stripes and my dad's initials on one side. This was the year the Niners won their first Super Bowl and my dad had (might still) season tickets.

Then nothing. Nada. Total dormancy. Until last winter when I was inspired to pick up the needles and start again. Only this time I got really addicted. I found as much info as I could on the Internet, including techniques and free patterns and I haven't stopped knitting since. In less then a year I have knit 5 children's sweaters, 2 child vests, 1 adult and 1 child's poncho, several scarves, a pillow cover and more! I even taught my self crochet and have half an afghan. Now my knitting goes everywhere with me. On the bus, my hairdresser, to the bank, anywhere that I might have to wait around.

In this blog I hope to share pictures of completed projects and share the journey of my current ones. I hope to continue learning new techniques and find more challenges and I will document all my adventures here, in my very own blog. Knitting, other needlework and the joys and challenges of daily life in Jerusalem.

Coming soon...

Facts and photos on completed images and sneak previews of current and planned projects. I will sign off here and wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom.


Ann Levine said...

Congrats! Yet another dimension of your multifaceted talents. . .

Can't wait to read some knitting hints and pointers from you, as well as staying updated to your never ending escapades.

Orlop =) said...

Welcome to the journal world.
my gallery is at
My mom showed me how to knit...but when I was younger I did finish much of anything I started...when I became a mother I picked it up again and it was very easy to get addicted with all the information avilable to me online and all the various yarns abilable now, it was a whole new world.
My husband grew up in San Francisco from age 9 to 15...he still keeps him self updated via online, though he has no plans of moving back, he also a 49er fan.